Currently in D.C. — November 29, 2023: Sunny and cold

Plus, we're building a weather service for everyone.

The weather, currently.


We have a beautiful sunny day ahead! The skies will be clear and the maximum temperature will be 41°F. Also, there is a very small chance that we’ll see some snowflakes at night. I hope we’ll get a real snowfall soon, I love how the landscape looks in its white coat. And, on that note, I remembered this Lao Tzu quote: “The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself.”

Enjoy your day!

What you can do, currently.

Everyone deserves to thrive. Everyone is worthy of a better world. That’s why we’re building a weather service for the climate emergency.

Currently’s new weather service is now live. In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll be continually adding more features and opening up more slots as we develop the service.

But for now, space is limited in the weather service because I want to make sure we can provide the highest quality service we possibly can while we work to refine the system with your input.

If you’d like to put your name on the waiting list, be sure to fill out our baseline survey if you haven’t already which will hold your spot in line.

Our goal — as always — is to co-create the most personalized, most informative weather service that exists. And, above all, to make this service accessible, equitable, and resilient enough to bring safety and joy to the climate emergency.